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Monday, June 24, 2013

Excerpt from A New Beginning

When Beth awoke it was just after noon.  She knew they would have to get moving soon because they needed to get back to the airport for their flight out.  She didnt really want to get up yet but staying in bed longer wasnt an option at this point.  Besides they would have plenty of nights to spend together. 

She snuggled up against Eric, Eric, we need to get up.

He pulled her in closer to him.  nope 

Eric, Beth giggled, she knew he was teasing her. we have to get up or we will miss our plane. 

Oh, well, if you insist.  I know what it is you just dont want to cuddle with me anymore.  Eric pretended to be offended. 

Beth sat up and hit him with a pillow.  Yeah right.” 

You arent allowed to strike your husband.  That will get you put over my knee for sure.  Eric pulled her over his knee and gave her a few playful swats on her naked bottom.  They were only playful swats, not even slightly hard.  But Eric had never spanked her bare bottom before and the sensation that it gave Beth was entirely new to her.  She did not know how to react at all. 

Hey, thats not fair. Beth complained.

          Eric let her up and kissed her.  Who ever said life was fair my darling. 

Beth pouted at him.  I did. 

Well maybe you should adjust your thinking.  We better get dressed and get ready to go so we can grab something to eat before our flight.  They got all their things together and checked out quickly.  Then stopped to get lunch on the way to the airport.  The flight was a long one, arriving in Paris in the early morning hours.  They checked into their hotel to rest first.  Of course Eric was not about to let an opportunity go by without making love to his sweet Beth, so that had to take prescience over rest.  Then they slept for several hours before venturing out to explore.

          Their honeymoon went very well for several days.  They explored many European cities and country sides.  They were having a great time together.  About a week after they started their honeymoon, Beth woke in the middle of the night and couldnt go back to sleep.  Eric was sleeping soundly next to her.  She didnt want to wake him.  She decided to get up and read for a little while.  She slipped out of bed and sat on a nearby chair, picked up her bible and started to read.  After a while she sat it down, slipped on a robe and wandered around the room.  One of the features of this room was a free internet connection.  She could get online and check her grades out, it would be easy.  Eric was asleep, he wouldnt even have to know.  She looked over at him.  He had told her that he didnt want her to even think about her college classes while they were on their honeymoon.  She was sure he would be upset if she looked up her grades.  She looked at the computer in the corner.  It was staring at her, tempting her to do it.  No, she should listen to Eric.  She started back to bed.

          Beth lay in bed, staring at the ceiling, thinking of the computer in the corner and how easy it would be just to look.  She couldnt go back to sleep because she couldnt think of anything else.  She was driving herself crazy.  If she didnt look she would not get any more sleep the entire honeymoon, she just knew it.  This was insane.  It would take ten minutes to look and then she could go to sleep and Eric would never have to know.  That would make the most sense.  Ok she would do it.  She got back up and went back to the computer.  Sitting down at the computer she started typing quickly to get into the college site before she changed her mind.  What she had not realized was in getting back in bed and then getting up so quickly she had not exactly been gentle.  The bed had been moving and Eric was awake too.

          Before she had time to hit enter he was standing behind her. 

Exactly what do you think you are doing young lady? He asked in a very serious tone. 

Beth jumped, and turned, oh, um..well I um……Eric.I..uh.when did you wake up? 

When you got back in bed a little while ago.  I guess it is a good thing I did too.  You didnt answer my question, what do you think you are doing?  Beth’s mouth went completely dry, she didnt dare lie, he knew exactly what she was doing, but she also didn’t want to say the truth out loud.

Eric, I just, well ..I didnt. 

Eric crossed his arms and looked at her with a very stern look, The only reason you didnt yet was because I stopped you.  I believe I told you something about this before we even got married didnt I? 

Beth looked at her hands, it was easier than looking at Eric at the moment.  Yes, you didnt want me even thinking about college while we were on our honeymoon.  I tried not to. Beth whined.  I couldnt sleep, and the computer was here.  So I just figured there wasnt any harm in looking.

          Eric scowled, There is always harm in disobeying me.  If you couldnt sleep you could have just cuddled up to me.  I would have been happy to wake up with you.  We could have done something together.  Instead you decide that the best thing to do was get into trouble by doing something I specifically told you not to do. 

Beth bit her lower lip, Im sorry Eric.  I didnt want to wake you. 

I would have much preferred if you would have woke me up cuddling with me, instead of woke me up disobeying me.  I really did not want to have to spank you on our honeymoon.  Beth did not fail to notice the past tense in that statement.  She blinked back the tears that were already springing up in her eyes at the idea that she was about to get a spanking while they were on their honeymoon.  Especially because she knew she had earned it.

          Eric, Im really sorry.  Cant we just forget it, please. 

Im sorry Beth, but that wont work.  If we start out our marriage like that it will only cause problems later on.  You will not know what things you will be able to talk me out of and what things I really mean when I say them.  You will always be questioning every rule I make.  You will not respect me because you will not be able to trust my word.  Beth knew what he was saying was true.  She put out her hand and waited for Eric to take it.  Eric took her hand and led her back to the bed.  He untied her robe and let it fall to the floor leaving her naked before him.  She had never been spanked on the bare bottom before except playfully and it scared her now.  A small shiver of anticipation ran through her.

          Eric sat on the edge of the bed and pulled her across his lap.  He began spanking her with his hand, firmly on her bare bottom.  Beth now realized how much protection her thin panties actually did give her.  The difference was incredible to her.  It was far more intense without them.  She jumped and kicked and squirmed under his hand.  Each swat felt like it was lighting a new fire in her bottom.  She couldnt believe how hard his hand felt to her.  Eric spanked her for a good twenty minutes without stopping.  He lectured her about listening to him when he told her to do something or not to do something.  She struggled to listen to him at the same time that her bottom felt like it was completely on fire.  Beth knew Eric expected her to hear what he was saying while he was branding her bottom with his hand.  She was grateful that he did not use a paddle this time but he really didnt need to his hand was more than up to the task of making his point.

          Beths bottom was crimson red by the time Eric stopped spanking her.  She was crying across his lap and did not move.  He turned her to sit on his lap and cuddled her until she calmed down.  Once she was calmed down, Eric laid down with her and began kissing her, and petting her.  For the first time, ever she had been spanked on the bare bottom, and now for the first time ever they made love after a spanking.  Beths head was spinning.  As sore as her bottom was it only seemed to make her body more receptive to Erics touch.  Every sense seemed to be more awake and alive.  Her body was responding to him in a way it never had before and she could not make any sense of it.  She felt closer to him at this moment than she ever had in her entire life.  The heat from her bottom seemed to be filling her entire being and making her alive inside.  She experienced more pleasure from their love making than she had ever experienced before.  This was saying something as Eric had made sure that every experience had been pleasurable for her.  The contradiction in how her body felt confused and excited Beth in ways that she couldnt wrap her mind around.  She didnt know what to think or feel.  All she knew was that she was happy and very much in love with this man.
Dee Dee for the rest of the story

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