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Monday, June 24, 2013

Excerpt from Amanda's Trials

You get your butt home and put your nose in the corner so I can deal with you for keeping Beth’s location a secret from me.” 

Amanda had hoped that they wouldn’t get to that part.  She sighed, “I was afraid of that.” 

“You should have known that was coming when you made that promise in the first place and definitely when you saw all the problems it was causing.  If you had wanted to avoid this spanking you should have come to me immediately shouldn’t you?”

 “Yes sir.  I guess I did know this was going to happen.  I’ll see you at home.  Stan I really am sorry, please tell Eric that for me.  And honey I love you.” 

Stan could tell Amanda was feeling just a tad insecure herself   “I love you too baby.  Don’t worry, it will be okay.  I’ll tell Eric that you are sorry.  He will understand.  Now go home and wait for me, I’ll be home soon."

Amanda hung up the phone and sighed.  She did not want to go home and get in the corner knowing that she was going to be spanked and it was not going to be a light spanking either.  Stan considered this lying to him and she knew it.  She wasn’t supposed to keep secrets from him, especially important ones but she had promised Beth she wouldn’t say anything.  Why oh why had she ever made such a foolish promise.  Because Beth was her best friend, that was why.  She got into her car and drove home, the long way just to take as long as possible and sent up prayers that everything would go well with Beth and Eric.  She was sure that once Beth actually talked to Eric everything would be fine.  Beth was just being irrational.  Eric would be excited about having a baby.  Amanda would be thrilled if she could get pregnant.  She had been trying for years to get pregnant and nothing had happened yet.  She was starting to get very discouraged about it.  That very thought brought tears to her eyes but she pushed the idea to the back of her mind and concentrated on her driving.  She needed to think about what she was doing just now.  There was no need in getting upset about not having a baby when she was facing a very hard discipline from Stan.

Amanda pulled into the driveway and parked her car.  This was not going to be any fun at all.  She did not want to do this, but she just had to face it.  She went inside and put her stuff on the couch, then headed up to the bedroom to the corner where she would wait for Stan. How long would it be before he got home to deal with her?  Stan was going to talk to Eric first, that might just take a little while  or it could take quite a while.  Sighing she stared at the corner and leaned into the wall.  This was beyond miserable.  She had tried to help her friend and ended up getting herself in so very much trouble.  Now she was going to be getting her butt blistered and she just hoped that her plan to get Eric and Beth talking again actually worked.  Beth was just being plain silly right now.  How long had she been standing in this corner?  Was Stan ever going to get home?  Amanda wanted to look and see but she knew the minute she left the corner he would come in and catch her and she would be in even more trouble for her defiance, she sighed again.

“I think you are in enough trouble without adding attitude on top of it young lady.” Amanda jumped when she heard Stan’s voice behind her.  She had not heard him come in and he had obviously witnessed her heavy sighs in the corner as she was waiting for him.  Her face burned but she knew better than to answer him.  She simply stood straighter leaned into the corner a bit more.  Amanda could hear Stan moving around the room and wished she could look to see what he was doing but years of experience had taught her better.  She knew that she was to stand there and wait for him and if she did anything else she would only be getting herself into more trouble, but it was so hard sometimes.  “Amanda, come over here to me.”  Amanda turned, as much as she had wanted to see what Stan had been doing a moment ago, turning to face him now was equally hard.  Her heart was in her throat and she didn’t feel like she could breathe quite right.  She knew she was in big trouble and she hated this sensation, but it came every single time she landed herself in this kind of a mess.  Slowly she walked over to stand next to Stan, who was sitting in a chair next to their bed.  He held out his hand to her and slightly trembling she placed her hand in his as he guided her over his knee.  “Tell me why you are getting spanked today?”  Oh how Amanda hated this part.  It was bad enough to get a spanking but to have to go over it again while in this position was horrible.

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