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Monday, June 24, 2013

Excerpt from Randolph's Mills - Book 1

With seven of them conspiring to make mischief, they were able to come up with a lot more mischief than their mothers because there had been only three of them.  With seven of them, they could always use a couple of them as lookouts while five of them could play whatever pranks they wished.  And since they had hit adolescence and developed crushes on the neighboring Randolph boys, they had played many pranks on them.  Though they had nearly gotten caught several times and had gotten caught a couple of times, once by Mr. Randolph himself and all had been soundly spanked by him, and once each by the older of the two Randolph brothers, they still continued to play their pranks.  Not only did they get spanked by Mr. Randolph, but he took them home, told their fathers what they had been up to, and their fathers had taken them to the barn and they had received a dose of the strap which made such an impression on them that they had behaved for a record of three days before they sought to make mischief again.

Once they had reached adulthood, the girls had decided they no longer liked the Randolph brothers and quit playing pranks on them.  They simply ignored them when they saw them.  The Randolph brothers had turned out to be too much like their father, stern and bossy, and they didn't want a stern, bossy man for a husband.  They wanted men who would let them have their way.  Though they still secretly liked them, they resolutely ignored them.  They flirted with other young men in town.  The Randolph brothers had grown up used to them having crushes on them and had already picked out which of the girls they were going to marry and so when they started ignoring them and flirting with other young men in town, it didn't sit very well with them.  Of course, that only made the girls even more determined to ignore them.  The more the brothers tried to assert their authority over them, the more the girls resisted.  They were headed for a showdown and there was only going to be one winner in each case.

So it was on this morning that the Huntington sisters were discussing their daughters' latest escapade and the fact that something had to be done.  They realized the girls were out of control and they just couldn't keep up with them anymore.  There were just too many of them.  They needed husbands who could keep them in line.  They remembered how their own husbands had settled them down.  They hoped that it would work for their own wayward daughters.  They knew the Randolph boys were interested in their daughters and that their daughters had once had crushes on them, no matter that they were now acting disinterested.  Never mind.  The Randolph boys were the best choice for the girls and they knew they would be able to control the girls and keep them in line.  They also knew they'd love the girls and take good care of them.  So they decided to talk to Clara and Marshal Randolph and start arranging the marriages of their wayward daughters to their sons.  The sooner the better, because their backsides just couldn't take much more punishment because of their daughters' behavior.

The first step was to talk to their husbands, Ethan, Jonas and Ian.  They needed to explain their plan to them and see if they agreed first, but they were sure that they would.  After all their own marriages had been arranged in the same manner and for the same reasons and look how well it had worked.  All the girls had been assigned extra chores to do and were not to leave their bedrooms except to do chores or at meal times.  Their fathers thought if they could keep them apart for a while they might not get into as much trouble.  The girls were more unhappy about being kept apart from their cousins than by any other punishment that they had ever gotten.  They hated being separated from each other as they were used to seeing each other about every day.
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