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Monday, June 24, 2013

Excerpt from E-Date

Angie was thinking of all these things when she heard her IM alert telling her she had a message.  She looked and smiled, it was lovingleader. 

lovingleader:  “Hey how’s my girl tonight?”

          littleangel:  “Tired, it’s been a hard day.”

          lovingleader:  “I’m sorry.  Why was it hard?”

          littleangel:  “Work.  There is someone there who just doesn’t think I know how to do my job.  He is constantly trying to tell me how to do things and he knows nothing about what I do.  It is just difficult.”

          lovingleader:  “I understand, I have someone at work that is difficult to work with as well.”

          littleangel:  “I don’t really want to even think about work anymore.”

          lovingleader:  “I can agree with you there.  What would you like to talk about?”

          littleangel:  “Hmmmmmm, how about snuggling….lol”

          lovingleader:  “Cute, but kind of hard to do through a computer, and talking about it is not near as fun as doing it.”

          littleangel:  “True.”

          Angie talked to lovingleader for several hours before he insisted she go to bed. 

lovingleader:  “It’s getting pretty late baby.  You need to get in bed.  We both have work tomorrow.”

littleangel:  “I don’t want to go to bed yet.  I like talking to you.  I’m not the least bit tired.”

lovingleader:  “Are you arguing with me young lady?”

littleangel:  “ummmm….kind of…maybe….just a little bit.”

lovingleader:  “Do you think that is wise?”

littleangel:  “Well considering that you can’t do anything about it, I’m thinking maybe yes?”

lovingleader:  “I have a very long memory.  So I ask again do you really want to argue with me?”

littleangel:  “Sigh, I guess not.”

lovingleader:  “That’s better.  Now get in bed.  I will talk to you tomorrow night.”

littleangel:  “Yes sir. Goodnight.”

He always insisted that she go to bed.  Telling her to be good and go to bed because she needed her rest for work.  It was nice having someone that cared about her like that, even if it was only an online friend right now.  He was sweet yet definitely had the dominant traits that she wanted in a man.  Maybe one day she would get up the nerve to ask him more personal questions.  So far she had avoided asking where he lived, or his real name, or any of that kind of information.  She just enjoyed their conversations and daydreamed about what he might be like in person.

Once she signed off IM, she went and got changed for bed but was still restless.  It had been a very bad day at work and she was still way too wound up.  She knew she had agreed to go to bed but she was torn between going to bed and tossing and turning or staying up until she became tired.  She couldn’t lie to him, so she decided to fudge it.  She went to bed, stayed there a few minutes and then got up and got back online signing in to email but not on IM.  That way she could say she had gone to bed if he asked which he sometimes did.

Because she typically got so engrossed in her conversations with lovingleader, she had let herself get behind in responding to the group posts, so she worked her way through the backlog of posts responding here and there, not thinking that the time stamp on the posts would let him know what she was doing.  Just over an hour later as she was finished catching up on the posts and finally feeling tired but much better, she was a shocked to see an email from him.  If the subject line were any indication, the content of the email was not going to be pleasant.   She knew he was only on email and couldn’t do anything, yet his comment that he had a long memory caused a knot to form in her stomach because what if they did meet and develop a relationship.  Maybe not listening to him wasn’t such a great idea after all.

The subject line said “Direct Disobedience Young Lady?!”  Angie looked at the email and wondered if she should even open it.  She thought about ignoring it and just going to bed but knew that was just delaying the inevitable.  Unless she just deleted it the email wasn’t going to just go away, and if she did that she would still have to talk to him about it tomorrow.  The only way to avoid it would be to stop talking to him altogether and that idea made Angie feel sick.  She really liked this man, more than she had anyone before.  He was exactly the type of man she had hoped to meet one day so the idea of just avoiding him was…..well just not an option.  Angie sat there for several long minutes staring at the email, before she finally took a deep breath and clicked on it to open it.

I told you that it was bedtime.  You know you have to be up early for work and you have a much worse time at work when you do not get enough rest.  Every single time we have talked the day after you didn’t get enough rest you have told me about how hard your day was and how bad your mood was.  Yet when I told you to go to bed you just signed out of IM and stayed up to do other things online.  I can see that you do need someone to look out for you.  There is no question about it that this was direct disobedience.  I wonder what we should do about this.  I told you I have a very long memory, I will not forget.  I strongly suggest you get your little butt in bed where it belongs young lady.

           Angie sighed, hit reply simply wrote. “Yes sir. I’m sorry. I’m going.” Then she shut her computer down and went to bed.  She lay awake for a few minutes thinking about what he would say to her the next night when they talked.  She was sure that had they been an actual couple and not just an online couple she would be in real trouble.  That gave her a mixed feeling.  She longed for a man like lovingleader to be in her life, to take care of her and be the one she could depend on always, yet the idea of landing herself in trouble made her nervous.  It was with all of these thoughts running through her mind that she drifted off to sleep for the few remaining hours before she had to get up for work.
April - for the rest of the story

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