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Monday, June 24, 2013

Excerpt from Rebecca's Challenge


Ross paced across his den.  Anyone who knew him would have been able to tell that he was more than a little upset at the moment.  He looked down at the worn paper in his hand and read the letter for the tenth time.  He wasn’t even sure why he kept reading it.  The words were not going to change even if he kept reading them again and again.  He supposed perhaps he hoped that somewhere in this letter he was looking for a ray of hope but there was none.  Frustration and anger welled up inside him.  He blamed himself for most of this problem, well not only himself; his ex-wife was a large part of the problem too but she had passed away last summer and she no longer had to deal with this problem.  Now it was his problem alone and he had to find a way to handle it.  The only problem was that he was completely out of ideas.  Ross sat in the chair behind his desk and rested his head in his hands.  His head was pounding, he couldn’t even think anymore.  Something had to change.  He had called in every favor from every friend that he had already, now what?

            The problem was not one that money could fix.  Quite honestly money had probably caused this problem.  He wished he could just throw money at it and solve it.  Ross Spencer didn’t lack money.  No, that was the problem.  Money could not solve this problem.  It was his only child that was the problem, his daughter Rebecca Spencer.  She was spoiled; there was no two ways about it.  Ross had helped her to get into every Ivy League college there was, and she had blown it at each one, not because her grades were bad but because all she wanted to do was party.  The problem was that all of her life she had never been told no about anything.  She had always gotten anything and everything she wanted.  Because they had the money to do it Ross had given her whatever she wanted, and if he had said no, his ex-wife had said yes.  So one way or another Becca had always managed to get everything she desired.  She never lacked for anything and she had gotten to the point where she felt she deserved it, and was entitled to it.  She never felt she had to do anything because she knew that she always had “daddy’s money” to fall back on.  Ross had used every string, every friend, and every influence he had to keep her in college.  He didn’t have any more pull with any good colleges and he wasn’t sure it would do any good anyway.  She would just go out and blow it again.  Four years in college and she had completed two years of college work, because she had spent all of her time at parties and not in classes.  He was sick of it.

            There was a soft knock on the door and then it slowly opened.  It was Ross’ new girlfriend Kerry.  She walked over to him and rubbed his shoulders.  “What’s wrong baby?  You are so very tense.  Is there anything I can do to help?”

            “Not unless you have some magic cure for this?”  He handed her the letter and let her read the most recent college letter stating that Becca would be expelled.  Kerry thought about it for a few minutes as she read slowly.

            “Ross, you know I love Becca.  But she is very spoiled.”

            “Yes I know she is.  I blame myself for that.”

            “Well it is too late to worry about blame, but I do have an idea……but it is…..well it may seem rather harsh.”

            “I am ready to try anything.”

            “If you mean that, this could work.  My older brother owns a ranch in Montana.  He, like me, is a very conservative Christian, as are the people that work for him.  Becca has never had to work a day in her life.  So change that.  Take away her car, her allowance, and her credit cards, all of it.  I’ll talk to my brother, I am sure it won’t be a problem.  Send her to work on the ranch for a while.  She can go there for the rest of this school year and the summer and work for a living for a while.  Find out what that is like.  Then in the fall you can see how she is doing.  Let her get a taste of real life; break her of having everything her own way.  She will have to live by their rules….that will mean attending church and partying will be out.  It will be good for her.”

            Ross was thoughtful for a moment.  “You know it isn’t a bad idea.  She really has never had to do anything other than what she wanted to do.  This would be good for her.  Call your brother and see if he would be willing to do this, because she isn’t going to make it easy on him I am sure.”

            “Don’t worry, my brother can handle anything.  Let me make sure it is okay but I am sure it will be.”

            Kerry called her brother and talked to him for a few minutes on the phone.  Ross was nervous that he would not be willing to take on such a huge burden.  Becca was not going to be an easy challenge.  She would fight this every step of the way, he was positive of that.  But he also could see that if it worked, maybe, just maybe she could stop being a hopeless case.  Otherwise she was going to be the type of person that people used to get what they wanted but that had no real friends and that never really accomplished anything with their lives.  He wanted much more for his daughter.  He truly loved her.  Ross only wished he had chosen a better way of showing her that love besides giving her everything she wanted.  Kerry hung up the phone and Ross looked at her expectantly.  “Well what did he say?”

            “Stan said he would be happy to help.  He has a young ranch foreman, Travis that he will put in charge of her.  He talked to Travis while I had him on the phone and Travis was willing to take on the challenge too so it is all arranged.  They will be glad to help Becca, even though they are sure she doesn’t really want the help right now.”
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