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Monday, June 24, 2013

Excerpt from Protective Love

Brian drove into the city using only back roads; staying as much out of the light and away from people as he could.  When he came to the city he did his best to draw no attention to himself.  As he was approaching the downtown area he heard the voice of God whispering to him to look down an alley to his left.  Brian normally did not look around more than to watch for danger because it was not safe.  But when God spoke he knew enough to obey.  He looked down the alley and saw a figure lying on the ground in the shadows.  From where he was he couldn’t make out more than that, and needed to get a closer look.  Cautiously he drove towards the alley to see who this might be.  Perhaps it was a church member that needed his help.  When he got closer he again heard God’s prompting.  He was to help this person, whoever it was.  Brian parked his moped next to the figure and walked over to see what he could do.  When he got closer he saw that it was a young woman.  She might be twenty-five or so, and she looked like she was starved.  “Ma’am,” Brain tried to get her to respond to him but she seemed to be unconscious.  “Ma’am,” he tried again.  But she only moaned, her eyelids opened slightly and then dropped again.

“Lord, how am I going to get her to the safe house on my moped?  I know you want me to help her but it isn’t meant for two.”  Brian sighed and bent down and lifted the girl.  She was definitely too light.  He couldn’t tell what color her hair was because it was dirty and matted.  Her clothes were tattered and worn and she was filthy.  Poor girl had obviously been uncared for, for a long time.  Brian got on his bike and held her across his lap cradle like.  It was not going to be easy to drive this way but there was no way she could hold on.  He drove very slowly the last three blocks to the meeting place.  It was at the home of John and Karen Fox.  People were not supposed to park near the house so that it was not obvious that there was anything going on.  Men would drop off their families and then go park a block or so away and come back.  Brian had not intended to go all the way to the house but this was an emergency.  He pulled into the driveway and as close to the house as he could get.

“Thank you Jesus for the safe journey here.  Please help this girl to be alright.  I know you want me to help her.  Lord I ask that you touch her and heal her body, mind and soul.”

  Getting off the bike with her in his arms was easy as she was so underweight.  Brain carried her to the back door where people were going in for the meeting and kicked the door to knock.  He waited for someone to come and answer the door hoping it would be fast.  Soon John came to the door and opened it.

“Brian!” He said in shock, “Who is this?”  John helped him in the house.  John’s son came in and saw the girl in Brian’s arms and he looked as shocked as his father.  “Junior, go get your mom.  Tell her we need her help.”  The boy ran off to obey his dad and was back with his mother in an instant.

Brian had already started to explain what had happened to John.  “God urged me to go and help her.  I couldn’t just leave her there so I carried her here on my lap.  I am sure she is close to starvation.”  Karen called a few of the other ladies to come and help and they took charge of the young lady that Brian had brought with him.   They took her into the other room and started getting her cleaned up.  Brian ran back out and locked up his bike so it would be secure then came back in for the meeting.  The women had managed to get the girl to wake up just enough to get into the bath.  She wasn’t really awake but more semi-conscious.  They doubted she would remember any of it.  But they bathed her and dug up some clothes for her.  Then they managed to get her to eat just a bit before she fell back to sleep.  Before she had been forced into hiding Karen had been a nurse, so Brian was glad that the meeting tonight was at John’s house.

“I don’t think that she has any physical injuries.  But she is severely malnourished.  She will need to be looked after for quite some time.  It will take time for her to recover.  She will need to be fed until she can do it on her own then she will still be weak for a long while,” Karen explained.

The church meeting was wonderful.  Brian always felt better after worshiping God and talking with his church family.  After the service they always had a meeting to discuss current affairs of the church, needs that they had or opportunities that were coming up.  Binding together was the only way that they could survive, one had a need and another had the solution.  While the men were discussing this business the women prepared a meal and the children played together.  Then they were told where each of them would meet the next week.  One of the orders of business this time was the young lady that Brian had rescued off the streets.  “I think I should take her back to my house in the country.  She can get fresh air there and be perfectly safe.  The problem is there is no way for me to get her there.  I am on my moped and there is no way I can ride with her all the way back to my place.” 

“We can drive her out to your place,” Travis, a young man about Brian’s age and one of his closest friends offered.  “First we will go by our house and Patricia can get her a few more outfits to wear.  She has been collecting all of the clothing and things for the church for events like this.  Then we can bring her to your house.”
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