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These Stories will contain situations that could come up in day to day lives between married, engaged or dating couples that practice CDD (Christian Domestic Discipline.

There will be chapter books where you can grow in their lives on how women learn to be submissive wives and the couples as they deal with life as a couple and the problems that crop up in their lives.

It will also contain short stories. This blog will excerpt from a chapter for each book written. You can go to the site to read the full books. You do need to register but it is a free site.

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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Saturday Night Reading

Its Saturday Night here and raining. Nothing to do but read a good book.


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Sunday, July 14, 2013

A new story has been added to our site.  Daisy has begun a new series called Wyoming Brides.  Book one is about Luke and Lacey.  Here is a small sample of this story.  Come to the website to read more.

Lacey went running up the stairs to the restaurant if her friend wasn’t working her house was right behind the restaurant as she flung the door open she ran right into Luke, Kayla’s older brother who had also been her brother Josh and Wades best friend. He was 30 years old right in between them.  Luke had a stack of Styrofoam containers filled with food and at 6ft5 Hailey was right at his chest.  She felt like a midget next to him even though at 5ft6 she wasn’t really short for a girl.
“Hey where you going in a hurry little Lacey Turner?” He asked with a smirk as he moved the containers out of the way to see who ran into him.
She rolled her eyes “you watch it you big oaf you about knocked me over.”  Here was another dominating man that she’d rather not be around. All though she found him very attractive; he too raised his sister Kayla like Wade raised her and they had the same ideas and same rules.
“Well excuse me madam” he said tipping his cowboy hat at her and moving out of the way. “Still a feisty thing I see.” She huffed by him rolling her eyes again. “Your eyes might stay that way if you do it too much.”  He chuckled.  She just walked on by him shooing him away.  He watched her walk away. He hadn’t seen her much since she turned 18. She sure did look more grown up and not so much like a child.
He made it over to Josh’s store and was laughing as he walked in. He walked to the back finding Josh and Wade back there.  “What’s so funny?” Josh asked reaching for the food.
“I just ran into a fiery little blonde that resembles the two of you.”
Wade just shook his head “What did she do now?”
Oh nothing really, she ran into me as I was walking out of the restaurant but of course I was in her way.  Then she rolled her eyes and I told her they would stay that way. She called me a big oaf. ME??  A big oaf?” He laughed knowing at 6 foot 5 almost 6 foot 6 it was true. “Then she shooed me away, rather like dismissing me. She’s still feisty huh?”
“That she is maybe someday soon she will get a man to take her of my hands and give her what she needs.” Wade chuckled winking at Luke as he got up.
“Well he better have a strong hand because what she needs is a good ole spanking daily.” Luke said smiling big and thought he might be up to that.
All 3 men started laughing just as Lacey walked in.  “What’s so funny you three goons?”  Being in the same room with the three of them was like a cloud of heavy cowboy testosterone.
“Well there’s my sweet little sister.” Josh said standing up to give her a hug. “Glad your back home I really need your help well Luke does.  Tessa and I are going out of town for two weeks and I need you to help Luke take care of the store.”
Lacey’s eyes got huge the last thing she wanted to do was spend all day with Luke’s over dominance and then go home and deal with Wades barking orders.  “Well If I say no that probably doesn’t matter because I’m pretty sure I really don’t have a choice do I?  And if your here all day what about your ranch Luke? Did you forget about that huh? I can handle the store by myself you can’t work all day and night.” She smirked. “Now that will get him out of my hair.” She thought to herself putting her hands on her hips glaring at Luke.
Luke folded his hands across his chest staring her down “Well miss smarty pants I might look like a dumb cowboy but I’m not. You forget that Dalton has been working for me for years and is now my head foreman.” He smirked back at her has she scowled and didn’t say a word.
“Wow Luke you left her speechless never knew that could happen.” Josh said with a chuckle.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

New chapters have been added.  Come see what is happening with Alexis, Amanda, Callie and Hannah.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Come see the new short stories by a new author to our website.  Find out what Susana has been up to in the short story section.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Have a story to share or ideas?


 I just want to tell you the 3 of us are having a "Spanking" Good time writing for you. We truly enjoy it!!
 We all started writing way before we opened the site.  We are very excited to share our stories with others.

Its very nice that we all 3 write stories together. We each have our own writing techniques. I like spanking stories with a little romance and not alot of detail. That is what I like to read and write.. I am getting more into detail in a few of my stories. We often help each other out when were stuck and its great to share ideas with each other.

Dee Dee likes alot of romance and alot of detail with some spanking in most of hers. She does write some that get right to the spanking. Grace is good at writing a little of both. I think all in all we make a great team to help provide you with some interesting stories.

With that being said If there is something you would like to read about and we don't have it on our site please tell us.  Maybe you have some ideas to make our site more interesting. Maybe you have some ideas for our stories or the characters. Maybe you write if you do we encourage you to share it with us. We will post it on our website with your name. We will not take the credit for someone elses story.


So anyway please if you have any ideas or want us to share a story of yours. Feel free to e-mail it to us.

Thank you for your support and remember comments are always welcome.

The writing Team!!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Paddles made by hubby

American Justice
Big Red w/ Cuban Flag
Personalized Named Paddle
Naughty Baby

Polypropylene Paddles

Come see what is happening with Alexis

New chapters have been added.  Come read what trouble Alexis is in now.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Excerpt from Saving Beth

The next day when Beth got up Simon had already started the chores so she went out and took him some Lemonade. “Morning Miss Beth”

“Morning Mr. Simon, I brought you some lemonade.”

He looked at her with a smirk “Mr. Simon huh?”

“Well you keep calling me Miss Beth and it seems strange so I thought I’d show you.”

He chuckled “ok Beth…..the chores are almost done.”

“You didn’t have to do the chores all by yourself.  I could have helped you. I have been doing them myself for a long time now.”

“Well from here on out I will be doing most of them.”

“I can’t pay you much.”

“You won’t pay me anything.  Room and board is all I need.  I’m not here for money; I am here to help you.”

“No, that wouldn’t be right. I will pay you.” She then stomped of to milk the cow and take care of the chickens. She was not about to be beholding to any man.  No matter who he was.  Somehow she would manage to pay him back once the farm was operating better.  After finishing the milking and gathering the eggs, she put them in the house and went to hitch up the team up so she could begin to plow the fields.

Simon saw her working with the horses and the plow and went over to her.  “Woah, what are you doing Beth?” He took the reins from her.

“Well the fields don’t plow themselves.”

“I told you I would do most of the farming the chickens and cows you can do. The rest is man’s work.  Besides the baby needs you.  You can’t tend to him while you are plowing the fields.”

“MAN’S WORK!?” She put her hands on her hips squaring up to him.  “I will have you know Mister this woman can do man’s work better than some men.  And I tie a sling around me and take the baby with me when I am going to be away from the house for more than a few minutes.”  He let go of the reigns squaring up with her.  He had a scowl on his face from her attitude but she didn’t back down. “Also I don’t have much money to pay you and if you think I’m gonna pay you in other ways then you should get on your horse and leave.”

He started walking towards her grabbing her harm “First of all WOMAN I don’t need or want your money and secondly” He paused as he sat down on a bucket pulling her over his knee.

“What are you doing?”  Beth demanded trying to pull out of his iron grip.

“Secondly I don’t take kindly to you thinking I’m gonna do you wrong.” With that he started smacking her bottom over her thin worn dress.

“Owww, stop you’re hurting me. I’m sorry I shouldn’t have said that.” He gave her a few more swats and he stood her up.

“Those were just love pats you will mind me and do as you’re told or you will be a sorry little girl.”

She huffed, “I am a grown woman.  How dare you spank me?!”  She was furious at him for taking such a liberty with her.  No one had ever dared spank her and she was not about to let this man do it now, not that she could really stop him if he had decided to.

He gave her a look that made her question herself for a moment.  “I am here to take care of you, even if that means I have to protect you from your own foolishness.  So if you want to push me now you know how I will deal with it; don’t you?  Now, Elizabeth I’m going into town and getting a few things I will be back to plow and I better not catch you plowing do you understand me? If you touch this team while I’m gone I will make that spanking I just gave you feel ten times worse do you understand?”

“Yes” She huffed, in a none too respectful tone.

“Elizabeth Jane” He said as he grabbed her arm “You best listen to me.”

Something about him saying her full name and the heat still coming from her back side made her feel loved and cared about for the first time in years.

“Yes sir I understand.” She stomped off.  “Who does he think he is riding in here with his spankings and threats and taking over my farm?” She kicked her foot on the ground kicking up dirt.

He chuckled she was cute all sassy.  She was talking to herself and not him but he overheard every single word.  “I’m Simon Andrews.  Us Andrews take care of a pretty lady in need and I’m here to take care of you.  That is how my Pa raised me.”  He called after her.

She jumped as she hadn’t expected him to hear her.  Quickly recovering herself she just stomped into the house and yelled “I’m not a woman in need MISTER!!” then she slammed the door.

He just tipped his hat and rode of that with a grin. “No you are a little girl in need of a very good spanking.” He chuckled to himself.

While in town he got a lot of greetings. When he told them where he was staying of course the women started gossiping right away.  They always thought Beth was poor and too lower class to be around and then she had that baby. He was glad when he ran into his uncle.

“Hey Simon; how are things with Beth?”

“She sure is a handful but I like the spit fire. The way the town’s folks talk about her you should’ve just sent her to us. Especially since she has a baby.”

“I tried but she wouldn’t go. Me and your aunt were supposed to take the baby and we still might. She gave him to us at birth but he wouldn’t drink cow’s milk or even take a bottle at all.”

“Give you the baby? Why on earth would she do that?”

“Son do you know how she got that baby? She’s never had a husband not even a beau for that matter. That’s why I didn’t say anything about the baby in my letter. I didn’t want the whole family knowing her business and the baby was supposed to be with us. The baby doesn’t even have a name.”

Simon shook his head. “I figured as much that she never had a beau.  I’m ok with the baby and I’m glad she didn’t give him up. We will figure it all out.”

“You are a good man Simon.”

            “Thank you sir. I’m just gonna try and do want any good man would. She is a woman in distress that needs someone.”

“That she is son.”

“I best get back to the farm and see what she is up to. I’m very glad you sent for me she needs me. I also think I she could be good for me in a way.”

“Does she think that?”

“No but she will in time.” They both chuckled as they rode off to their respective destinations.