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Excerpt from E-Date

Angie was thinking of all these things when she heard her IM alert telling her she had a message.  She looked and smiled, it was lovingleader. 

lovingleader:  “Hey how’s my girl tonight?”

          littleangel:  “Tired, it’s been a hard day.”

          lovingleader:  “I’m sorry.  Why was it hard?”

          littleangel:  “Work.  There is someone there who just doesn’t think I know how to do my job.  He is constantly trying to tell me how to do things and he knows nothing about what I do.  It is just difficult.”

          lovingleader:  “I understand, I have someone at work that is difficult to work with as well.”

          littleangel:  “I don’t really want to even think about work anymore.”

          lovingleader:  “I can agree with you there.  What would you like to talk about?”

          littleangel:  “Hmmmmmm, how about snuggling….lol”

          lovingleader:  “Cute, but kind of hard to do through a computer, and talking about it is not near as fun as doing it.”

          littleangel:  “True.”

          Angie talked to lovingleader for several hours before he insisted she go to bed. 

lovingleader:  “It’s getting pretty late baby.  You need to get in bed.  We both have work tomorrow.”

littleangel:  “I don’t want to go to bed yet.  I like talking to you.  I’m not the least bit tired.”

lovingleader:  “Are you arguing with me young lady?”

littleangel:  “ummmm….kind of…maybe….just a little bit.”

lovingleader:  “Do you think that is wise?”

littleangel:  “Well considering that you can’t do anything about it, I’m thinking maybe yes?”

lovingleader:  “I have a very long memory.  So I ask again do you really want to argue with me?”

littleangel:  “Sigh, I guess not.”

lovingleader:  “That’s better.  Now get in bed.  I will talk to you tomorrow night.”

littleangel:  “Yes sir. Goodnight.”

He always insisted that she go to bed.  Telling her to be good and go to bed because she needed her rest for work.  It was nice having someone that cared about her like that, even if it was only an online friend right now.  He was sweet yet definitely had the dominant traits that she wanted in a man.  Maybe one day she would get up the nerve to ask him more personal questions.  So far she had avoided asking where he lived, or his real name, or any of that kind of information.  She just enjoyed their conversations and daydreamed about what he might be like in person.

Once she signed off IM, she went and got changed for bed but was still restless.  It had been a very bad day at work and she was still way too wound up.  She knew she had agreed to go to bed but she was torn between going to bed and tossing and turning or staying up until she became tired.  She couldn’t lie to him, so she decided to fudge it.  She went to bed, stayed there a few minutes and then got up and got back online signing in to email but not on IM.  That way she could say she had gone to bed if he asked which he sometimes did.

Because she typically got so engrossed in her conversations with lovingleader, she had let herself get behind in responding to the group posts, so she worked her way through the backlog of posts responding here and there, not thinking that the time stamp on the posts would let him know what she was doing.  Just over an hour later as she was finished catching up on the posts and finally feeling tired but much better, she was a shocked to see an email from him.  If the subject line were any indication, the content of the email was not going to be pleasant.   She knew he was only on email and couldn’t do anything, yet his comment that he had a long memory caused a knot to form in her stomach because what if they did meet and develop a relationship.  Maybe not listening to him wasn’t such a great idea after all.

The subject line said “Direct Disobedience Young Lady?!”  Angie looked at the email and wondered if she should even open it.  She thought about ignoring it and just going to bed but knew that was just delaying the inevitable.  Unless she just deleted it the email wasn’t going to just go away, and if she did that she would still have to talk to him about it tomorrow.  The only way to avoid it would be to stop talking to him altogether and that idea made Angie feel sick.  She really liked this man, more than she had anyone before.  He was exactly the type of man she had hoped to meet one day so the idea of just avoiding him was…..well just not an option.  Angie sat there for several long minutes staring at the email, before she finally took a deep breath and clicked on it to open it.

I told you that it was bedtime.  You know you have to be up early for work and you have a much worse time at work when you do not get enough rest.  Every single time we have talked the day after you didn’t get enough rest you have told me about how hard your day was and how bad your mood was.  Yet when I told you to go to bed you just signed out of IM and stayed up to do other things online.  I can see that you do need someone to look out for you.  There is no question about it that this was direct disobedience.  I wonder what we should do about this.  I told you I have a very long memory, I will not forget.  I strongly suggest you get your little butt in bed where it belongs young lady.

           Angie sighed, hit reply simply wrote. “Yes sir. I’m sorry. I’m going.” Then she shut her computer down and went to bed.  She lay awake for a few minutes thinking about what he would say to her the next night when they talked.  She was sure that had they been an actual couple and not just an online couple she would be in real trouble.  That gave her a mixed feeling.  She longed for a man like lovingleader to be in her life, to take care of her and be the one she could depend on always, yet the idea of landing herself in trouble made her nervous.  It was with all of these thoughts running through her mind that she drifted off to sleep for the few remaining hours before she had to get up for work.
April - for the rest of the story

Excerpt from Randolph's Mill - Book 4

          The week following Naomi and Joel’s wedding was another busy week with the men not only doing their regular lumber orders, but also setting aside enough lumber to build Isaac and Hannah’s cabin.  Their cabin raising was to be the following Saturday.  Wednesday brought a visit from Esther’s mother and sisters, Hannah and Rebekah.  Sarah visited with her daughter for a while and then excused herself to go and visit Clara while she was to discuss a few minor details about the wedding.  Though they had already planned and executed two weddings, each one needed a little something different to set it apart from the rest and make it special.  She told Hannah and Rebekah to mind their manners and she’d be back shortly to get them as they needed to get home because they had plenty of work to do before Saturday’s cabin raising.

As usual Rebekah was her usual shy quiet self, preferring instead to sit back and listen to the others and let them take the lead.  She was a loving, gentle girl and didn’t care if she wasn’t the center of attention.  Hannah on the other hand was the drama queen of the family, so after their mother had gone to see Clara leaving the three girls alone, she nearly set Esther’s teeth on edge.  “Oh Esther, how awful you must feel!  Is married life as miserable as you had feared it would be?  It most certainly must be.  After all you were FORCED to marry Seth Randolph!  Is he as overbearing a husband as he has always seemed?  As ALL the Randolph men are?  We must, ABSOLUTELY MUST find a way to stop any more weddings before they happen.  I know for you and Naomi it’s too late, you’re already married, but the rest of us shouldn’t have to suffer like you two are.  Of course we’ll always be here for you and Naomi anytime you need us.  We love you!  You’re my sister and she’s my cousin!  You do know you can count on me anytime don’t you?”  And Hannah went on and on and on not seeming to notice that Esther was doing all she could do to not smack her insensitive sister.

“Do you have ANY ideas what we could do to prevent the cabin raising and my wedding from happening?  I’m next you know.  It’s awful!  Just awful I tell you!  I’m losing my appetite and I’m having an awful time sleeping,” all the time munching on the cookies Esther had set out on the table as refreshment for her guests.  She didn’t appear to notice that all the while she was talking about losing her appetite and not being able to eat a thing that she was making a pig of herself with the cookies.   “Pleaaaassssseeeee tell me you have some ideas!  You know I’m just not as good at coming up with ideas like you are Essie.  You are a mastermind!  What can I do to stop this.  It quite simply must not happen or I’ll die.  I’ll just die!”

Esther wanted to shake her sister.  She absolutely was the most dramatic person she had ever met.  She wondered at why that had not bothered her as much when she was living at home as it seemed to now.  Probably because of the way she was talking about her husband.  Seth and the other Randolphs were good men and they didn’t deserve to have her sitting her talking about them in this manner.  At the same time Esther did not want to deal with her sister’s temper tantrum if she didn’t help her think of something that would help her.  Maybe if she thought of something that she knew Hannah had no chance of pulling off then she could come up with an idea that would not get her in trouble and Hannah would be happy as well.  “Give me a few minutes to think Hannah.”

“Oh thank you Essie.  I knew I could count on you.  You are the best.  I miss you so much at home.  You have no idea what it is like without you there.  It just isn’t the same.  We need you there.  Only Abigail has any of the talent that you have for coming up with good ideas and now that we don’t have Missy to carry notes between us I never can seem to ask her anything without someone hearing, so you are my only hope.”

“Hannah, I love you, but if you don’t stop talking for a few minutes and give me a chance to think I won’t be able to come up with anything either.”  Esther knew her tone had a bite of impatience to it but she couldn’t help it.  Hannah was about to drive her crazy.

“I’m sorry Esther.” Hannah said coldly responding to Esther’s tone in shock.  She had never known Esther to be impatient with her before.  Rebekah was surprised as well but didn’t say anything.  She wondered if perhaps things were not as bad for Esther as Hannah thought.  She couldn’t bring herself to ask though, definitely not in front of Hannah.
April - for the rest of the story

Excerpt from Randolph's Mill - Book 3

          The next morning the girls were all very sore.  Their men had made sure that they would not soon forget their spankings.  Church was going to be miserable, sitting on the hard wooden benches.  All of the girls were more subdued than usual and much more compliant than was normal for them.  Their parents wondered if they had finally accepted the situation, but knowing their girls doubted that they had seen the last of their pranks.  The various rides to church were all quiet as the girls were all deep in thought.  They had no idea what they could do next to try to stop these weddings from happening.  Everything they had tried so far had only ended up getting them spanked and then they ended up acting like simpering fools as they let their men hug them, hold them and kiss them.  This pattern was not at all what they wanted.  They told themselves they wanted these men to give up and decide they were more trouble than they were worth but so far the Randolphs had proven that they were just as stubborn as the girls, and had bested them at every turn.  Naomi realized that she only had one week left before she would become Mrs. Joel Randolph.  Her freedom would be completely gone.  If she truly admitted it to herself there was a part of her that really did like Joel and was attracted to him.  He was ruggedly handsome and extremely strong.  Working on the mill, cutting down all the trees and milling them into lumber, had left all of the Randolph boys broad and muscular.  She would have to have been blind not to notice.  But Naomi did not want to get married yet, and definitely not to someone that would demand obedience.

          Obedience, Naomi sighed to herself, that one word was one that she simply didn’t like.  She wanted to be able to do what she wanted when she wanted to do it.  She did not want to have someone telling her how to behave and expecting her to listen.  Naomi knew that her parents loved her, and she knew that Joel did as well, but they were always bossing her around and she didn’t think she wanted that forever.  How could she get out of this marriage?  What could she do to stop it happening?  Frustration welled up inside her.  The girls had made a plan for their lives.  They had intended to try to find a business they could run together and all live together, marrying only when they wanted and to men that would not come between them and their sisters and cousins.  They would marry men that would not demand obedience from them.  She knew it had been idle dreaming, as they had never even really decided on what they could all do but she wanted that dream; it had been years since she had been enamored with the Randolph boys.  They had totally destroyed that fascination with their bossy ways.  It was their bossiness that had caused the girls to decide they didn’t want these boys, now these men were the ones they were destined to be with.  What a mess.  What was she to do?

          As she sat in church Naomi didn’t hear anything that was being said.  She was too deep in thought.  The other girls were worried about Naomi, she looked so distant and they hoped she had not been defeated.  After church while everyone was talking they managed to get a few minutes with Naomi where others were not listening.  “Naomi what is wrong?  You do not seem yourself at all,” Abigail asked.

          “I am just trying to figure out what we can do to stop this wedding.  I only have six days left,” Naomi said with desperation in her voice.

          Ruth looked at her sister with deep compassion.  “I know.  We will come up with something.  Abigail, why don’t you wander over and see if you can get Missy to come over and join us.”

          Abigail nodded and wandered over to where Missy was standing talking to her mom.  “Hey Missy, come on over and visit with us for a while.”  Missy hesitated but went having a nagging sensation that they would be asking her to participate in more of their pranks.  She knew that the part she played was very small but it still made her uncomfortable sometimes.

          Missy and Abigail casually walked back to where the other girls were talking.  Even though there were many people around Naomi had managed to come up with an idea for a plan that she thought would finally work to stop her wedding as she and her sister and cousins were talking.  She had been thinking about it all through church and she had passed the idea on to the others in whispered installments whenever no one was around to hear.  But anytime anyone did come by their conversation was normal and completely innocent.  At one point Abigail said loudly, “Missy do you think you could come over for a visit tomorrow?”

          Missy was not used to being such a large part of one of the girl’s pranks.  It was her biggest role ever, even bigger than helping them to hide the nails for the cabin building.  She was very uncomfortable and fidgeted.   “I, um, I guess so. I will have to check with mamma.”

          Ruth nudged her hard, “calm down or you will blow this whole thing.  Stop acting so nervous.  We need to be able to count on you to do your part.  We can’t pull this off without you.  Act natural.”
April - for the rest of the story

Excerpt from Rebecca's Challenge


Ross paced across his den.  Anyone who knew him would have been able to tell that he was more than a little upset at the moment.  He looked down at the worn paper in his hand and read the letter for the tenth time.  He wasn’t even sure why he kept reading it.  The words were not going to change even if he kept reading them again and again.  He supposed perhaps he hoped that somewhere in this letter he was looking for a ray of hope but there was none.  Frustration and anger welled up inside him.  He blamed himself for most of this problem, well not only himself; his ex-wife was a large part of the problem too but she had passed away last summer and she no longer had to deal with this problem.  Now it was his problem alone and he had to find a way to handle it.  The only problem was that he was completely out of ideas.  Ross sat in the chair behind his desk and rested his head in his hands.  His head was pounding, he couldn’t even think anymore.  Something had to change.  He had called in every favor from every friend that he had already, now what?

            The problem was not one that money could fix.  Quite honestly money had probably caused this problem.  He wished he could just throw money at it and solve it.  Ross Spencer didn’t lack money.  No, that was the problem.  Money could not solve this problem.  It was his only child that was the problem, his daughter Rebecca Spencer.  She was spoiled; there was no two ways about it.  Ross had helped her to get into every Ivy League college there was, and she had blown it at each one, not because her grades were bad but because all she wanted to do was party.  The problem was that all of her life she had never been told no about anything.  She had always gotten anything and everything she wanted.  Because they had the money to do it Ross had given her whatever she wanted, and if he had said no, his ex-wife had said yes.  So one way or another Becca had always managed to get everything she desired.  She never lacked for anything and she had gotten to the point where she felt she deserved it, and was entitled to it.  She never felt she had to do anything because she knew that she always had “daddy’s money” to fall back on.  Ross had used every string, every friend, and every influence he had to keep her in college.  He didn’t have any more pull with any good colleges and he wasn’t sure it would do any good anyway.  She would just go out and blow it again.  Four years in college and she had completed two years of college work, because she had spent all of her time at parties and not in classes.  He was sick of it.

            There was a soft knock on the door and then it slowly opened.  It was Ross’ new girlfriend Kerry.  She walked over to him and rubbed his shoulders.  “What’s wrong baby?  You are so very tense.  Is there anything I can do to help?”

            “Not unless you have some magic cure for this?”  He handed her the letter and let her read the most recent college letter stating that Becca would be expelled.  Kerry thought about it for a few minutes as she read slowly.

            “Ross, you know I love Becca.  But she is very spoiled.”

            “Yes I know she is.  I blame myself for that.”

            “Well it is too late to worry about blame, but I do have an idea……but it is…..well it may seem rather harsh.”

            “I am ready to try anything.”

            “If you mean that, this could work.  My older brother owns a ranch in Montana.  He, like me, is a very conservative Christian, as are the people that work for him.  Becca has never had to work a day in her life.  So change that.  Take away her car, her allowance, and her credit cards, all of it.  I’ll talk to my brother, I am sure it won’t be a problem.  Send her to work on the ranch for a while.  She can go there for the rest of this school year and the summer and work for a living for a while.  Find out what that is like.  Then in the fall you can see how she is doing.  Let her get a taste of real life; break her of having everything her own way.  She will have to live by their rules….that will mean attending church and partying will be out.  It will be good for her.”

            Ross was thoughtful for a moment.  “You know it isn’t a bad idea.  She really has never had to do anything other than what she wanted to do.  This would be good for her.  Call your brother and see if he would be willing to do this, because she isn’t going to make it easy on him I am sure.”

            “Don’t worry, my brother can handle anything.  Let me make sure it is okay but I am sure it will be.”

            Kerry called her brother and talked to him for a few minutes on the phone.  Ross was nervous that he would not be willing to take on such a huge burden.  Becca was not going to be an easy challenge.  She would fight this every step of the way, he was positive of that.  But he also could see that if it worked, maybe, just maybe she could stop being a hopeless case.  Otherwise she was going to be the type of person that people used to get what they wanted but that had no real friends and that never really accomplished anything with their lives.  He wanted much more for his daughter.  He truly loved her.  Ross only wished he had chosen a better way of showing her that love besides giving her everything she wanted.  Kerry hung up the phone and Ross looked at her expectantly.  “Well what did he say?”

            “Stan said he would be happy to help.  He has a young ranch foreman, Travis that he will put in charge of her.  He talked to Travis while I had him on the phone and Travis was willing to take on the challenge too so it is all arranged.  They will be glad to help Becca, even though they are sure she doesn’t really want the help right now.”
Dee Dee - for the rest of the story

Excerpt from Randolph's Mill - Book 2
         Naomi and Ruth, while pouting, were furiously thinking of pranks to play to prevent Naomi’s wedding.  Naomi was next and they had to come up with some ideas to stop the cabin from being built this weekend and the wedding in two weeks because she had no intention of being forced into a marriage with Joel Randolph.  Her face burned when she remembered how she had behaved the day of Esther’s wedding and she became even more furious with herself and with him and even with her parents for putting her into this predicament.  The more she thought about it the madder she got and the more crabby she was with everyone she came into contact with.  She earned herself several reminders from her parents to watch her behavior or else she would end up taking a trip to the barn for a dose of the strap from her Pa when he got home that evening.  Luckily for her, she restrained herself, just barely.

            “Oh but what can we do?” Naomi was pacing back and forth in their room.  “I just can’t marry Joel Randolph.  We must stop this wedding.  I don’t want to end up like Esther.  I feel so sorry for her being forced to marry him, and now I’m next,” Naomi furiously hissed.  “I won’t marry him.  I can’t!”

            “Naomi, please calm down.  Mamma will hear you if you don’t quiet down,” Ruth admonished her sister.  “And you’ve already been warned you’ll be sent to the barn for the strap if you don’t calm down and stop stomping all over the place.”

            “I know, I know.  But I feel so angry and frustrated.  We had really good pranks to stop Esther’s wedding, and they all backfired on us!  We have to come up with some better ones that will work, otherwise I will be next!  I can’t marry him Ruthie, I just can’t!” she wailed and collapsed into her sister’s arms.

            “I know Naomi.  We’ll come up with something,” she soothed her.  It wasn’t often that Naomi got so distraught and Ruth didn’t know exactly how to respond to her sister, but did the best she could.

            “Hey, do you remember that time we played too close to a beehive and one of us accidentally disturbed the bees in it?” Ruth asked her sister.

            “Yes.  The bees got so mad and each of us got stung before we got away.  Luckily it was only a couple of bee stings, but they hurt,” Naomi replied.  “But how does…” she started to ask, then her face lit up when she realized how it would work.  “Oh I see.  That would be great, but how can we get the beehive transferred there without getting stung?”

            “Hmmm we’ll have to think about that.  But just imagine, they start working and someone ‘accidentally’ stirs up the bees and everyone will have to run away from the cabin.  I can just see it now, all those ‘manly’ men hopping and running like scared rabbits away from the bees,” and they both dissolved into giggles as Leah conjured up that picture for the both of them.

            Mary heard the girls giggling and wondered what they were up to.  They’d been in such a bad mood earlier and now they were giggling which gave her a sick feeling in her stomach while at the same time she was glad they were laughing.  But that giggle usually meant they were up to no good.  “Naomi, Ruth, what ARE you girls giggling about?” she called to them as she knocked on their door before opening it.

            Used to coming up with quick answers, Leah responded, “Oh Mamma, Naomi was so upset and distressed about the upcoming cabin raising and wedding that I was just trying to cheer her up.  I was making faces and doing silly things to make her laugh like I used to do.”

            “Is this right Naomi?” Mary asked her daughter suspiciously. 

            “Yes Mamma.  Leah was only trying to cheer me up.  I’m sorry if we disturbed you,” Naomi replied.

            Mary was still suspicious, but they seemed sincere, so she let it drop.  But she made a mental note to keep an extra sharp eye on those two just in case as she returned to what she was doing in the other room.

            “That was too close.  We need to keep it down when we’re planning pranks,” they both agreed.

            “Remember how we get honey from the hive?  We could smoke the hive like you do when you go to get the honey…” Naomi started.

            “Yeah, and when the bees get all sleepy in the hive, we grab the hive and put it in a burlap sack to keep them from escaping and stinging us and take it and hide it where the cabin is going to be built where no one can see it… near the lumber.  They’ll have it stacked up at the site the day before so they won’t have to move it while they’re working.  Since they typically stack it over under a tree near where they’re building to keep it drier if it rains, we could hide the beehive in the tree nearby.  We just need to find a way to get the bees disturbed,” Ruth finished.

            “How about using the slingshot?  Is there any way we can do that without getting caught?” they wondered as they continued to muse over the problem.  “We’ll be watched very closely after last week.  So we need to find another way.  How about spreading some honey over the lumber?  Or sugar water or something… it’ll attract ants and when they go to pick up the lumber all those ants will be crawling all over it and in the confusion of getting rid of all the ants that’ll be crawling all over their hands and maybe up their pants legs, and one of us can walk over to see what is going on and under the pretense of using a broom or branch to beat all the ants, we can ‘accidentally’ raise the broom or branch, whatever we can get our hands on, too high and hit the beehive and stir up the bees.  And us being women, no one will think twice when we shriek and run when we know what we’ve done since we’ve been stung before,” Naomi added.

April - for the rest of the story

Excerpt from Randolph's Mills - Book 1

With seven of them conspiring to make mischief, they were able to come up with a lot more mischief than their mothers because there had been only three of them.  With seven of them, they could always use a couple of them as lookouts while five of them could play whatever pranks they wished.  And since they had hit adolescence and developed crushes on the neighboring Randolph boys, they had played many pranks on them.  Though they had nearly gotten caught several times and had gotten caught a couple of times, once by Mr. Randolph himself and all had been soundly spanked by him, and once each by the older of the two Randolph brothers, they still continued to play their pranks.  Not only did they get spanked by Mr. Randolph, but he took them home, told their fathers what they had been up to, and their fathers had taken them to the barn and they had received a dose of the strap which made such an impression on them that they had behaved for a record of three days before they sought to make mischief again.

Once they had reached adulthood, the girls had decided they no longer liked the Randolph brothers and quit playing pranks on them.  They simply ignored them when they saw them.  The Randolph brothers had turned out to be too much like their father, stern and bossy, and they didn't want a stern, bossy man for a husband.  They wanted men who would let them have their way.  Though they still secretly liked them, they resolutely ignored them.  They flirted with other young men in town.  The Randolph brothers had grown up used to them having crushes on them and had already picked out which of the girls they were going to marry and so when they started ignoring them and flirting with other young men in town, it didn't sit very well with them.  Of course, that only made the girls even more determined to ignore them.  The more the brothers tried to assert their authority over them, the more the girls resisted.  They were headed for a showdown and there was only going to be one winner in each case.

So it was on this morning that the Huntington sisters were discussing their daughters' latest escapade and the fact that something had to be done.  They realized the girls were out of control and they just couldn't keep up with them anymore.  There were just too many of them.  They needed husbands who could keep them in line.  They remembered how their own husbands had settled them down.  They hoped that it would work for their own wayward daughters.  They knew the Randolph boys were interested in their daughters and that their daughters had once had crushes on them, no matter that they were now acting disinterested.  Never mind.  The Randolph boys were the best choice for the girls and they knew they would be able to control the girls and keep them in line.  They also knew they'd love the girls and take good care of them.  So they decided to talk to Clara and Marshal Randolph and start arranging the marriages of their wayward daughters to their sons.  The sooner the better, because their backsides just couldn't take much more punishment because of their daughters' behavior.

The first step was to talk to their husbands, Ethan, Jonas and Ian.  They needed to explain their plan to them and see if they agreed first, but they were sure that they would.  After all their own marriages had been arranged in the same manner and for the same reasons and look how well it had worked.  All the girls had been assigned extra chores to do and were not to leave their bedrooms except to do chores or at meal times.  Their fathers thought if they could keep them apart for a while they might not get into as much trouble.  The girls were more unhappy about being kept apart from their cousins than by any other punishment that they had ever gotten.  They hated being separated from each other as they were used to seeing each other about every day.
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Excerpt from Protective Love

Brian drove into the city using only back roads; staying as much out of the light and away from people as he could.  When he came to the city he did his best to draw no attention to himself.  As he was approaching the downtown area he heard the voice of God whispering to him to look down an alley to his left.  Brian normally did not look around more than to watch for danger because it was not safe.  But when God spoke he knew enough to obey.  He looked down the alley and saw a figure lying on the ground in the shadows.  From where he was he couldn’t make out more than that, and needed to get a closer look.  Cautiously he drove towards the alley to see who this might be.  Perhaps it was a church member that needed his help.  When he got closer he again heard God’s prompting.  He was to help this person, whoever it was.  Brian parked his moped next to the figure and walked over to see what he could do.  When he got closer he saw that it was a young woman.  She might be twenty-five or so, and she looked like she was starved.  “Ma’am,” Brain tried to get her to respond to him but she seemed to be unconscious.  “Ma’am,” he tried again.  But she only moaned, her eyelids opened slightly and then dropped again.

“Lord, how am I going to get her to the safe house on my moped?  I know you want me to help her but it isn’t meant for two.”  Brian sighed and bent down and lifted the girl.  She was definitely too light.  He couldn’t tell what color her hair was because it was dirty and matted.  Her clothes were tattered and worn and she was filthy.  Poor girl had obviously been uncared for, for a long time.  Brian got on his bike and held her across his lap cradle like.  It was not going to be easy to drive this way but there was no way she could hold on.  He drove very slowly the last three blocks to the meeting place.  It was at the home of John and Karen Fox.  People were not supposed to park near the house so that it was not obvious that there was anything going on.  Men would drop off their families and then go park a block or so away and come back.  Brian had not intended to go all the way to the house but this was an emergency.  He pulled into the driveway and as close to the house as he could get.

“Thank you Jesus for the safe journey here.  Please help this girl to be alright.  I know you want me to help her.  Lord I ask that you touch her and heal her body, mind and soul.”

  Getting off the bike with her in his arms was easy as she was so underweight.  Brain carried her to the back door where people were going in for the meeting and kicked the door to knock.  He waited for someone to come and answer the door hoping it would be fast.  Soon John came to the door and opened it.

“Brian!” He said in shock, “Who is this?”  John helped him in the house.  John’s son came in and saw the girl in Brian’s arms and he looked as shocked as his father.  “Junior, go get your mom.  Tell her we need her help.”  The boy ran off to obey his dad and was back with his mother in an instant.

Brian had already started to explain what had happened to John.  “God urged me to go and help her.  I couldn’t just leave her there so I carried her here on my lap.  I am sure she is close to starvation.”  Karen called a few of the other ladies to come and help and they took charge of the young lady that Brian had brought with him.   They took her into the other room and started getting her cleaned up.  Brian ran back out and locked up his bike so it would be secure then came back in for the meeting.  The women had managed to get the girl to wake up just enough to get into the bath.  She wasn’t really awake but more semi-conscious.  They doubted she would remember any of it.  But they bathed her and dug up some clothes for her.  Then they managed to get her to eat just a bit before she fell back to sleep.  Before she had been forced into hiding Karen had been a nurse, so Brian was glad that the meeting tonight was at John’s house.

“I don’t think that she has any physical injuries.  But she is severely malnourished.  She will need to be looked after for quite some time.  It will take time for her to recover.  She will need to be fed until she can do it on her own then she will still be weak for a long while,” Karen explained.

The church meeting was wonderful.  Brian always felt better after worshiping God and talking with his church family.  After the service they always had a meeting to discuss current affairs of the church, needs that they had or opportunities that were coming up.  Binding together was the only way that they could survive, one had a need and another had the solution.  While the men were discussing this business the women prepared a meal and the children played together.  Then they were told where each of them would meet the next week.  One of the orders of business this time was the young lady that Brian had rescued off the streets.  “I think I should take her back to my house in the country.  She can get fresh air there and be perfectly safe.  The problem is there is no way for me to get her there.  I am on my moped and there is no way I can ride with her all the way back to my place.” 

“We can drive her out to your place,” Travis, a young man about Brian’s age and one of his closest friends offered.  “First we will go by our house and Patricia can get her a few more outfits to wear.  She has been collecting all of the clothing and things for the church for events like this.  Then we can bring her to your house.”
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Excerpt from Margaret

Finally he decided to confront her.  “Margaret, what is going on?  You have hardly said a word since I told you about the lumber.  I thought it might make you happy that you would have a new house.”

          “I won’t have a new house.” Margaret said simply and continued with what she was doing.

          “What do you mean you won’t have a new house?  As soon as I finish the planting I will start building it for you.  It will be up in no time.”

          “You can build it if you want but I am not going to live in it.”  Margaret never looked up at him.

          Thomas couldn’t believe what he was hearing, “Why wouldn’t you live in it?”

          “Zach built this sod house.  I am staying in what he built for me.”

          “He had every intention of building you a new house he just never got the chance to do it.”

          “Exactly, and since he didn’t get he chance to do it I am not going to move from this house.  So build it if you want, or make a bonfire with the lumber.  I don’t care, I am staying right here.”

          Thomas couldn’t believe how stubborn this woman was.  She was driving him crazy.  “Look, I don’t think your husband would have wanted to stay in a sod house when he bought all this lumber for you to have a real house, especially not with a little one on the way.”  He was doing all he could to stay calm but it wasn’t easy with her stubborn refusal to see reason.

          “Maybe but he isn’t here.  I am staying in what he built.”

          “OH! You are the most stubborn woman in the world.  You know what you need.  You need a good spanking.  That is what you need.”

          Margaret blushed.  She knew for a fact that if she were acting this way with Zach still alive she would have been over his knee long before now but he wasn’t here anymore and her father wasn’t here either.  “Well you aren’t Zach.  He isn’t here anymore so I don’t have to worry about that anymore.”

          Between the blush and the ‘anymore’ it was clear to Thomas that Zach had in fact controlled her stubborn behavior by putting her over his knee, and with what little he knew of Margaret he would bet it was quite often.  “Maybe I am not your husband and I don’t have the right to put you over my knee but I’ll tell you this right now you best get it in your head that you are moving in that house when it is built because you ARE going to live in it.  Zach did not buy that lumber for a new house for you to live in a sod house.  I am going to honor his wishes by building it and you WILL honor his wishes by living in it.  If I have to I will fill this house in with a shovel.”

          Margaret couldn’t believe that he had said that.  “YOU WILL NOT!”

          “Then do as you are told.  And don’t yell at me.  Or you may find that though I am not your husband I decide that your need to be put over someone’s knee is so great that I have to take care of that before you self destruct.”  Thomas turned on his heel and stormed back to the barn.  He had not meant to lose his temper with her.  He hadn’t shouted at her but she had pushed him to the point where he was ready to take on a roll that he knew he had not authority to actually take on.

          Margaret couldn’t believe that he had said any of these things to her.  She didn’t care what he said.  She was not going to move out of the sod house that Zach had built for her.  He had built it with his own hands, with her help.  She was staying there.  Margaret went inside and got ready for bed.  All she could think of was Zach, as she was saying her prayers his face kept invading her mind as clear as if he were there with her.  When she finally went to sleep she dreamed of Zach.  She saw Zach standing over her with the stern look that she had come to know meant that she was in very real trouble.  “Why aren’t you listening to me?”

“I am listening.” She argued.  “I miss you so much Zach.”

“I know you miss me.  And I miss you, yet when I send you a gift you reject it.” 

“I want to stay in the house you made for me.” 

“I want you and our child in a much better house.”

“I want to stay here.” 

“Young lady, you are arguing with me.  This is not negotiable.  You do as I say.”  By the time Margaret woke up she felt as if she had really had this conversation with Zach.  She buried her face in the pillow and wept bitterly when she realized that it was all a dream and he was still gone. 

“I miss you Zach.  I need you so much.”  The dream had shaken her up but it had not convinced her to move.

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