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Monday, June 24, 2013

Excerpt from Randolph's Mill - Book 2
         Naomi and Ruth, while pouting, were furiously thinking of pranks to play to prevent Naomi’s wedding.  Naomi was next and they had to come up with some ideas to stop the cabin from being built this weekend and the wedding in two weeks because she had no intention of being forced into a marriage with Joel Randolph.  Her face burned when she remembered how she had behaved the day of Esther’s wedding and she became even more furious with herself and with him and even with her parents for putting her into this predicament.  The more she thought about it the madder she got and the more crabby she was with everyone she came into contact with.  She earned herself several reminders from her parents to watch her behavior or else she would end up taking a trip to the barn for a dose of the strap from her Pa when he got home that evening.  Luckily for her, she restrained herself, just barely.

            “Oh but what can we do?” Naomi was pacing back and forth in their room.  “I just can’t marry Joel Randolph.  We must stop this wedding.  I don’t want to end up like Esther.  I feel so sorry for her being forced to marry him, and now I’m next,” Naomi furiously hissed.  “I won’t marry him.  I can’t!”

            “Naomi, please calm down.  Mamma will hear you if you don’t quiet down,” Ruth admonished her sister.  “And you’ve already been warned you’ll be sent to the barn for the strap if you don’t calm down and stop stomping all over the place.”

            “I know, I know.  But I feel so angry and frustrated.  We had really good pranks to stop Esther’s wedding, and they all backfired on us!  We have to come up with some better ones that will work, otherwise I will be next!  I can’t marry him Ruthie, I just can’t!” she wailed and collapsed into her sister’s arms.

            “I know Naomi.  We’ll come up with something,” she soothed her.  It wasn’t often that Naomi got so distraught and Ruth didn’t know exactly how to respond to her sister, but did the best she could.

            “Hey, do you remember that time we played too close to a beehive and one of us accidentally disturbed the bees in it?” Ruth asked her sister.

            “Yes.  The bees got so mad and each of us got stung before we got away.  Luckily it was only a couple of bee stings, but they hurt,” Naomi replied.  “But how does…” she started to ask, then her face lit up when she realized how it would work.  “Oh I see.  That would be great, but how can we get the beehive transferred there without getting stung?”

            “Hmmm we’ll have to think about that.  But just imagine, they start working and someone ‘accidentally’ stirs up the bees and everyone will have to run away from the cabin.  I can just see it now, all those ‘manly’ men hopping and running like scared rabbits away from the bees,” and they both dissolved into giggles as Leah conjured up that picture for the both of them.

            Mary heard the girls giggling and wondered what they were up to.  They’d been in such a bad mood earlier and now they were giggling which gave her a sick feeling in her stomach while at the same time she was glad they were laughing.  But that giggle usually meant they were up to no good.  “Naomi, Ruth, what ARE you girls giggling about?” she called to them as she knocked on their door before opening it.

            Used to coming up with quick answers, Leah responded, “Oh Mamma, Naomi was so upset and distressed about the upcoming cabin raising and wedding that I was just trying to cheer her up.  I was making faces and doing silly things to make her laugh like I used to do.”

            “Is this right Naomi?” Mary asked her daughter suspiciously. 

            “Yes Mamma.  Leah was only trying to cheer me up.  I’m sorry if we disturbed you,” Naomi replied.

            Mary was still suspicious, but they seemed sincere, so she let it drop.  But she made a mental note to keep an extra sharp eye on those two just in case as she returned to what she was doing in the other room.

            “That was too close.  We need to keep it down when we’re planning pranks,” they both agreed.

            “Remember how we get honey from the hive?  We could smoke the hive like you do when you go to get the honey…” Naomi started.

            “Yeah, and when the bees get all sleepy in the hive, we grab the hive and put it in a burlap sack to keep them from escaping and stinging us and take it and hide it where the cabin is going to be built where no one can see it… near the lumber.  They’ll have it stacked up at the site the day before so they won’t have to move it while they’re working.  Since they typically stack it over under a tree near where they’re building to keep it drier if it rains, we could hide the beehive in the tree nearby.  We just need to find a way to get the bees disturbed,” Ruth finished.

            “How about using the slingshot?  Is there any way we can do that without getting caught?” they wondered as they continued to muse over the problem.  “We’ll be watched very closely after last week.  So we need to find another way.  How about spreading some honey over the lumber?  Or sugar water or something… it’ll attract ants and when they go to pick up the lumber all those ants will be crawling all over it and in the confusion of getting rid of all the ants that’ll be crawling all over their hands and maybe up their pants legs, and one of us can walk over to see what is going on and under the pretense of using a broom or branch to beat all the ants, we can ‘accidentally’ raise the broom or branch, whatever we can get our hands on, too high and hit the beehive and stir up the bees.  And us being women, no one will think twice when we shriek and run when we know what we’ve done since we’ve been stung before,” Naomi added.

April - for the rest of the story

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