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Monday, June 24, 2013

Excerpt from Lady Sarah - A New World

Olivia bristled at the crispness in Sarah’s voice.  “Humph, I don’t need any help from the likes of you.” She said in a fierce whisper.

“Look it isn’t like I want to be in here helping you.  Adam said I have to, so let me help you and get this over with,” Sarah snapped back.  She had, had all she could take of this rude woman and was beginning to feel her old self reasserting itself.  If she needed to be Lady Sarah, mistress of the manor again to deal with this woman then that is what she would do.  She drew herself up and looked at Olivia like she would have one of the servants in her childhood home.

“I really don’t care what your husband told you.  This is my kitchen and you and your family have caused me enough problems just being here, why don’t you just leave?”

“Fine you want me to leave; you can just do all the work yourself!  It isn’t my job to do this type of work anyway!  I should be back in England with servants doing it, you want to be a servant it is fine with me!” Sarah yelled at the top of her lungs, and then she slapped Olivia as hard as she could and stormed outside.  She was so angry with this woman and her anger was coursing through her in a reckless rage.  Adam had managed to get both children settled down in their beds when he heard his wife yelling and felt her anger peaking.  He ran down the steps and met Randy in the kitchen door just in time to see Sarah slap Olivia and storm out the door.

“I’m sorry Randy.” Adam said, “Please excuse me while I go tend to my wife.”  Adam’s jaw was set and he walked briskly across the kitchen following Sarah’s path.  Randy went into the kitchen to take care of Olivia, who was torn between tears and shock at what had just happened.

Outside Sarah had walked over to a log fence where the horses were penned up and was petting one of the horses.  She was still radiating anger as Adam approached and looked down at her.  She looked up at him too angry to even back down at his glare, “What!?” She demanded.

Adam could not believe that she would speak to him with such a tone again.  “What?” He asked, “You, just slapped Olivia, screamed at her, and then stormed outside.  Now you are raising your voice to me and you dare to ask me what?”

Sarah glared at him, “That woman is impossible.  I cannot work with her and I do not want to be here for the next several months.  I’ll take the children and live in the barn.”

“You most certainly will not!”  Adam said, grabbing her arm and pulling her over to a tree stump near the barn.  “I have had all I am going to take of your attitude, young lady.  What you are going to do is go inside and apologize to Olivia and then you are going to be on your best behavior from here on out.”

“I will not apologize to her!  It is not my fault!”  Sarah yelled, digging in her heels and trying to pull her arm away.  Adam sat on the stump and pulled her over his knee then lifted her skirts out of the way and began to spank her on her undergarments.  She had not been spanked since shortly before leaving England so she was very sensitive to his punishing hand.  Sarah fought for a little while, and tried to put her hand in the way, but Adam simply pinned it to the small of her back and continued to spank her.  All the while he was lecturing her on her behavior.  Finally she gave in and stopped struggling, starting to cry in earnest over his lap. 

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry.  I’ll be good I promise.  Please Adam.  Please stop.”  He spanked her a few more swats then turned her to sit on his lap while he held her and soothed her.

While Adam had been dealing with Sarah’s behavior, Randy had come outside to apologize for Olivia’s attitude.  Adam and Sarah had not heard Randy approach, and he had been shocked to see Adam pull Sarah over his knee and begin to spank her.  He watched, as Adam demand that Sarah apologize to his wife and be on her best behavior.  Randy felt bad because while he knew perhaps Sarah should not have lost her temper Olivia was largely to blame for the situation.  She was making life impossible for Sarah.  When Sarah’s attitude changed completely and she gave in to Adam and then he sat and comforted her, Randy had an idea.  Perhaps this was what his wife needed as well.  It wasn’t right for Sarah to take all the blame for the problems.  Maybe if he were to put his wife over his knee like Adam had Sarah, her attitude would change as well.  Randy resolved then and there that he would give it a try, and it would be sooner than he expected.

Adam and Sarah finally walked back into the house.  Sarah dragged her feet not wanting to apologize to that odious woman.  It was her fault after all, but Sarah knew better than to disobey Adam.  She had already been spanked once and she knew that if she disobeyed him on this, he not hesitate to spank her again and the next time he wouldn’t go so lightly either.  Olivia was continuing to wash up in the kitchen, her body language stiff and unwelcoming as Adam and Sarah walked into the room, followed closely by Randy.  Olivia was unaware of what had transpired outside and so did not understand why Sarah had invaded her kitchen, nor was she aware that her Adam and her husband had entered the room behind Sarah.  Adam gave Sarah a little nudge in the direction of Olivia, and reluctantly, but knowing she had no choice, Sarah moved further into the room and walked toward Olivia.  “O..Olivia,” she started, cleared her throat and tried again.  “Olivia, I’m sorry I yelled at you and slapped your face.  I was way out of line and that was ungracious of me in light of your hospitality to me and my family.  I hope you will please accept my apology,” she finished quietly.

When Olivia heard Sarah start to speak, her body stiffened even more and a rage built up in her like none she had never experienced.  “SORRY?  YOU’RE SORRY?  YOU YELLED AT ME IN MY OWN HOME AND YOU SLAPPED ME, YOU COME INTO MY HOME BRINGING YOUR SNOT NOSE LITTLE BRATS AND DESTROY THE PEACE IN MY HOME AND YOU SAY YOU’RE SORRY?  I TOLD YOU BEFORE I WANT YOU OUT OF MY HOME… I WANT ALL OF YOU OUT OF MY HOME!” she screamed and turned around intending to throw the pan of water on Sarah only to gasp in shock when she felt her husband reach around her and grab the pan before she could do so.  Sarah stood there looking at her wide eyed in shock, unable to process the vitriolic outburst she had just been exposed to.  Helplessly, she turned and looked at her husband and he too was standing there staring in disbelief at what had just occurred.  For himself Randy was beside himself with embarrassment, but having witnessed how Adam had handled Sarah’s earlier outburst, he resolved in himself to give Olivia a taste of the same medicine and see if it would settle her as it had settled Sarah.  As Olivia stood there breathing heavily, he turned and looked at Adam and Sarah and asked them if they would please excuse them as he needed to have a private conversation with his wife.  Sarah moved in a daze toward Adam and Adam escorted her from the room.  He had known Olivia had been tense since they had arrived and had not been the most welcoming, but he had not had any idea that she had already expressed her displeasure toward Sarah.  Thinking back over the way Sarah had been the past couple of days, her reluctance to enter the kitchen or to even be around Olivia, he now understood a bit more clearly her reluctance.  He had put it down to being in a new place and not having been trained to do the cooking and cleaning and everything else around the house.  He had also expected that Olivia had been helping her with the twins while they were out and now he understood that was not really the case and she had been dealing with them on her own while he was out. 

His heart went out to his little Sarah and he drew her close.  “Why didn’t you tell me what was going on?” he asked her just as they heard a screech of outrage coming from the kitchen and then the murmur of a deep male voice and then the unmistakable sound of hand meeting flesh, followed by further screams of outrage until finally they heard nothing but sobbing and pleas for him to stop.
Dee Dee - for the rest of the story

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