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Monday, June 24, 2013

Excerpt from Randolph's Mill - Book 4

          The week following Naomi and Joel’s wedding was another busy week with the men not only doing their regular lumber orders, but also setting aside enough lumber to build Isaac and Hannah’s cabin.  Their cabin raising was to be the following Saturday.  Wednesday brought a visit from Esther’s mother and sisters, Hannah and Rebekah.  Sarah visited with her daughter for a while and then excused herself to go and visit Clara while she was to discuss a few minor details about the wedding.  Though they had already planned and executed two weddings, each one needed a little something different to set it apart from the rest and make it special.  She told Hannah and Rebekah to mind their manners and she’d be back shortly to get them as they needed to get home because they had plenty of work to do before Saturday’s cabin raising.

As usual Rebekah was her usual shy quiet self, preferring instead to sit back and listen to the others and let them take the lead.  She was a loving, gentle girl and didn’t care if she wasn’t the center of attention.  Hannah on the other hand was the drama queen of the family, so after their mother had gone to see Clara leaving the three girls alone, she nearly set Esther’s teeth on edge.  “Oh Esther, how awful you must feel!  Is married life as miserable as you had feared it would be?  It most certainly must be.  After all you were FORCED to marry Seth Randolph!  Is he as overbearing a husband as he has always seemed?  As ALL the Randolph men are?  We must, ABSOLUTELY MUST find a way to stop any more weddings before they happen.  I know for you and Naomi it’s too late, you’re already married, but the rest of us shouldn’t have to suffer like you two are.  Of course we’ll always be here for you and Naomi anytime you need us.  We love you!  You’re my sister and she’s my cousin!  You do know you can count on me anytime don’t you?”  And Hannah went on and on and on not seeming to notice that Esther was doing all she could do to not smack her insensitive sister.

“Do you have ANY ideas what we could do to prevent the cabin raising and my wedding from happening?  I’m next you know.  It’s awful!  Just awful I tell you!  I’m losing my appetite and I’m having an awful time sleeping,” all the time munching on the cookies Esther had set out on the table as refreshment for her guests.  She didn’t appear to notice that all the while she was talking about losing her appetite and not being able to eat a thing that she was making a pig of herself with the cookies.   “Pleaaaassssseeeee tell me you have some ideas!  You know I’m just not as good at coming up with ideas like you are Essie.  You are a mastermind!  What can I do to stop this.  It quite simply must not happen or I’ll die.  I’ll just die!”

Esther wanted to shake her sister.  She absolutely was the most dramatic person she had ever met.  She wondered at why that had not bothered her as much when she was living at home as it seemed to now.  Probably because of the way she was talking about her husband.  Seth and the other Randolphs were good men and they didn’t deserve to have her sitting her talking about them in this manner.  At the same time Esther did not want to deal with her sister’s temper tantrum if she didn’t help her think of something that would help her.  Maybe if she thought of something that she knew Hannah had no chance of pulling off then she could come up with an idea that would not get her in trouble and Hannah would be happy as well.  “Give me a few minutes to think Hannah.”

“Oh thank you Essie.  I knew I could count on you.  You are the best.  I miss you so much at home.  You have no idea what it is like without you there.  It just isn’t the same.  We need you there.  Only Abigail has any of the talent that you have for coming up with good ideas and now that we don’t have Missy to carry notes between us I never can seem to ask her anything without someone hearing, so you are my only hope.”

“Hannah, I love you, but if you don’t stop talking for a few minutes and give me a chance to think I won’t be able to come up with anything either.”  Esther knew her tone had a bite of impatience to it but she couldn’t help it.  Hannah was about to drive her crazy.

“I’m sorry Esther.” Hannah said coldly responding to Esther’s tone in shock.  She had never known Esther to be impatient with her before.  Rebekah was surprised as well but didn’t say anything.  She wondered if perhaps things were not as bad for Esther as Hannah thought.  She couldn’t bring herself to ask though, definitely not in front of Hannah.
April - for the rest of the story

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