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Monday, January 24, 2011

Excerpt from Lady Sarah

Shortly after Anna left there was a soft knock on the door and Bridget came in to check on Sarah.  “You look beautiful in that dress.”

Sarah just glared back at her, she did not want the complement.  She wanted to be angry.

Bridget sighed and tried again, “Mathew and Adam are waiting downstairs for you.  If you are ready I came to walk you downstairs.”

Sarah scowled, “and if I am not ready?”

Bridget never lost her pleasant smile though it became a bit more forced.  “What do you have left to do, I will help you?”

“I don’t have anything left to do, but I will never be ready to go downstairs to that man.”  Sarah turned her back on Bridget and walked to the window.  She did not look back at her.

“Sarah, please don’t be like this, you are married to Adam.  You are going to his home today, your new home.  You can’t stay in this room and refuse to go with your husband.”

“Watch me!” Sarah practically shouted at Bridget but still never turned around to look at her.

Bridget sighed and left the room to inform Adam about Sarah’s refusal to come down.
            Adam already knew his willful little wife was being stubborn but he waited for Bridget to come down and explain the situation to Mathew and himself.

Mathew shook his head, “I will go get her.”

“No.” Adam said, “She is my wife now and I must deal with her temper tantrums.  I’ll bring her down as soon as everything is ready for us to leave.  Until then let her sulk.”

Adam was annoyed with his wife but he had expected this and there was no getting around it.  She was a spoiled brat used to getting her way and it was his job to correct this attitude in her.  He walked outside to make sure everything was ready to leave.  One of the servants was saddling Sarah’s horse but Adam stopped him.

“She will ride in the carriage today.  Put her saddle with her belongings in the second carriage.  Make sure it is not anywhere near her horse.  Then tie Spice to the back of the carriage.”  Once he was sure that everything was ready Adam went back inside to collect his wife.
            Adam walked upstairs to her room, he did not knock, he simply tried to open the door.  Sarah had bolted it shut and would not answer anyone’s knocks.  Adam was beginning to lose his temper with his little wife.  He took a deep breath and contemplated his next move.  Making a decision he went back outside.

Sarah heard him walk away from the door and smiled to herself.  She was winning this fight and felt very good about annoying him, refusing to give in to him or his demands to open the door.  She sat on the bed and waited for another knock to come.  The next one she heard at the door was Bridget.  She was trying to reason with Sarah.  Sarah answered her but would not open the door.  While Bridget was keeping her attention at the door, Sarah failed to realize that Mathew was helping Adam to climb up to her window and come into her room that way.  She was arguing with Bridget when she felt someone behind her and spun around to see her husband glaring down at her.  The stern look on his face made her take a step backwards and her resolve to be stubborn slipped ever so slightly.  Once she regained her composure though she stepped forward and crossed her arms over her chest, glaring back at him.
            Adam took no notice of her evil glare.  It did not make him even flinch or back down even a little bit.  He walked past her, unlocked the door.  Then Adam turned around and lifted his wife off her feet, not in the sweet way he had the previous night but threw her over his shoulder and carried her down the steps and into the courtyard.  Sarah was shocked at first but then began to struggle and fight.  She was hitting him in the back, twisting left and right to get away from him.  Adam took no notice of her punching him or kicking.  Her squeals fell on completely deaf ears.  When she twisted too hard and he almost lost his grip on her he simply reached over with his other hand and swatted her hard on her upturned bottom.

“Hold still or I might drop you,” he growled at her.

He only swatted her once but it was such a shock that she quieted, not sure what to do next.  The effect did not last long and she began to struggle again but did not twist as hard.  Adam carried her to the carriage and put her inside, he had intended to ride with his men but decided that he would have to stay with her until she stopped trying to get away from him.  Holding the door shut against her protests, he turned to give instructions to tie his horse next to hers and say goodbye to Mathew and Bridget.
            Sarah was pulling on the door with both hands but Adam was holding it closed and she could not budge it against his strength.  She was making such a scene that all of Adam’s men were staring at her in disbelief.  No woman they had ever met would act the way this one did towards her husband.  When Adam was ready he opened the door and got inside the carriage, pushing Sarah further inside by his mere presence.  She was so angry and in such a temper by this time that she was almost completely out of control.  Adam motioned to his men and the procession left her childhood home behind and moved towards her new life.  If only her childhood attitude would be as easy to leave behind.
            Sarah yelled, she ranted, she threw a fit…..Adam did not respond to any of it.  The more he ignored her tantrum the angrier she became until finally she was so annoyed from being ignored that she slapped him as hard as she could.  This got Adam to respond to her, but not in the way she had expected.  They had been traveling for an hour or so when she slapped him.  He looked very angry at her, and there was a sad determination in his eyes.  He whistled to his men and had them stop.  Then he got out of the carriage and pulled Sarah out after him.  He held her hand tightly in his and walked her into the forest away from his men.

Once he was sure he was out of sight he found a fallen log and sat on it.  Then he pulled Sarah over his knee in one swift motion as easily as if she were made of feathers.  She demanded to be let up but he did not release her.  Adam swatted her several times to get her attention.  He wanted her to become still so he could talk to her and he knew she would hear nothing until he got her a bit calmer.  Swat, swat, swat, swat.  The thin fabric of the dress provided her almost no protection.

 “Are you ready to settle down yet?” Adam asked her.

Out of breath from trying to get away she stilled across his lap, trying to figure out what to do now.  No one had ever dared to spank her and here this man was holding her in such an undignified position that she was completely helpless to stop him.

“That’s better,” Adam said when she had stopped fighting him, “I think there are a few things we need to get straight right now.  I love you but that does not mean that I intend to let you get your way all the time.  There are rules in my house and you will follow them.  If you defy me, disobey me or are disrespectful you will find yourself over my knee getting your bottom soundly spanked.  There will always be consequences to bad behavior and you need to learn this right now.”

Sarah was angry, she was incensed that he would dare to do this to her.  She began struggling to get away from him again with renewed strength.  Adam wasted no more time but began to spank her again.

“you,” smack “will,” smack “stop,” smack “acting,” smack “like,” smack “a,” smack “spoiled,” smack “child.”

Adam swatted her several more times over her dress until there was a stinging heat radiating through the material.  Then he reached down and lifted her dress and began again on her undergarments.  When he raised her dress she was shocked at how much less protection the undergarments seemed to provide her from his hand.  She began to think his hand must be made of iron because it was so very hard on her poor bottom.   Sarah shrieked and began to call him every name she could think of but this only got her swatted more.  Adam showed no signs of stopping.  He simply sighed and lifted her undergarments out of the way as well, revealing her already red bottom.

“My,” smack “wife,” smack “will,” smack “not,” smack “use,” smack “such,” smack “language!”

He never missed a beat, smacking first one side and then the other then he concentrated on the area where her bottom met her thigh and she began squeal again.  After a few more minutes she stopped fighting him, she was crying for all she was worth and had accepted that she could not get away from him.  Adam stopped spanking her when Sarah’s struggles had stopped then turned her to sit on his lap.

Dee Dee - for the rest of the story

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