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This blog is to advertise stories from our free website at .
This site is made up by 3 woman that have bonded a great online friendship and who love writing. We decided to share our writings with others. We are opening up a Christian Domestic Discipline fictional story website..
These Stories will contain situations that could come up in day to day lives between married, engaged or dating couples that practice CDD (Christian Domestic Discipline.

There will be chapter books where you can grow in their lives on how women learn to be submissive wives and the couples as they deal with life as a couple and the problems that crop up in their lives.

It will also contain short stories. This blog will excerpt from a chapter for each book written. You can go to the site to read the full books. You do need to register but it is a free site.

There will be no BDSM. This will strictly be clean Christian based writing. There will be spanking but no overt sexual content; any sexual references will be discreet in nature. We do not deal in pornographic material, soft or otherwise.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Sci Spanks contest......We are giving away a hand crafted, custom designed, paddle.  You choose the colors, and the name.  These paddles are beautiful and quite personal yet highly effective.  To enter please just post a comment to this blog with your email.  At the end of Sci Spanks we will draw the winner randomly.  Good Luck.


  1. Love the stories

  2. Gorgeous! ♡ The paddle of my dreams!

    Erzabet Bishop

  3. That's so lovely! Thanks for the donation :D

    1. Oops

  4. did I miss your blog? I love reading so your blog is definitely going to be bookmarked!

    catsbrighteyes (a) gmail dot com

  5. How have I missed these?

  6. What a wonderful giveaway! Thank you for sponsoring us again--the paddles are a HUGE hit with the winners. I've sent your link to all of my social media links. Also, come and read our stories! When you leave comments on authors' stories, other people will see your links and stop by. :)

  7. It is very pretty. :) Thank you.
    trb0917 at gmail dot com

  8. I had to come back again and look at it. Sigh. I love the flowers...swoon...

    Thanks for having such a wonderful giveaway.



  9. I just discovered your site and really enjoy what I have read. Oddly, my husband has recently decided a paddle is exactly what is neeed. Perhaps one this pretty is what he has in mind? Email

  10. I just found ur blog last week lol I also see this was in 2014....those are pretty paddles